Friday 23 July 2010

Power Flue or Fan Flue Gas Fires

How Does a Powerflue Gas Fire Work?These fires essentially are the same as the conventional flue standard fires, with one major difference. Instead of an opening in the top of the fire to allow the fumes to vent through up to the chimney or flue, it has a high pressure extractor positioned on the exterior of the building. This means rather than the passive draw of heat movement up the flue you have a powerful fan sucking out the fumes as well as the majority of the heat.

Most Power Flue fire (otherwise known as Fan Flue Fires) are around 10% efficient, which is a phenomenal expense for a decorative flame. These fires have a higher input than standard fires as the efficiency is so low they require the extra input to provide a similar output to the room, because of this several UK manufacturers have now stopped producing these models. It is also advised that the Government will be forcing manufacturers to cease producing the items for reasons of efficiency and carbon foot printing. The last thing to take into consideration is that all Poweflue systems require an electricity source which means not only are you using gas but also electricity to power a fan, this figure is never included in efficiency ratings. It also means that should you have no electricity for a power shortage then the fire will not turn on.

Apex Clarkedale Gas FireThere is one product on the market which has a very unique feature, not only is it 60% efficient it has a draft barricade appliance on the exterior, contained within the fan flue. TheApex Clarkdale Draft Barricade Power Flue Gas Fire, actually shuts the opening through the wall when the fire turns off, this reduces drafts, increasing the efficiency of your home, so for those whos only option is a Powerflue this is the fire to look at.

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