Friday 23 July 2010

Apex Lux Gas Fires

Apex’s newest range of inset gas fires is the Lux fires which feature some unique and contemporary designs and styles to suit any home. The Lux range also features two 4 sided hole in the wall gas fires called the Portrait and the Landscape.

Apex Lux SlimlineThe Lux fires that are available come with a range of different options such as the finish on the trim, various frets and also a number of different fuel effects. The Lux range features 6 fires including a full depth, slimline, contemporary full depth, contemporary slimline, portrait and a landscape model.

With both of the Lux Full Depth and the Lux slimline there is a choice of frets available from the range that Apex has to offer which means that you can choose one that will suit the surroundings. With these fires there is also a choice of finish between a traditional brass, black or modern chrome.

The Lux contemporary models are provided with theApex Lux Portraitcontemporary fret as standard and are available in a Brushed Brass, Brass, Chrome or a Brushed Stainless Steel to suit the room in which the fire is located. The Lux Portrait and Landscape have a unique feature of a modern graphite grey back panel as well as choosing the finish of the fire.

The Lux range offers various heat outputs with the highest being 4.2kW from the Apex Lux Contemporary Full Depth gas fire, the fire also has an efficiency of 61% meaning the majority of the heat provided will be supplied to the room and not be wasted up the chimney.

All of the Lux range are showroom exclusives and can be found at the Fireplace Megastore.

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