Thursday 22 July 2010

Drugasar Diablo

The Drugasar Diablo Balance Flue Gas Fire would be a great addition to any modern living room without a chimney or flue as long as there is an exterior wall. The balanced flue nature of this fire allows the exhaust gases to vent either up and out through the outside wall or vertically through the roof and The unique fully outset design requires no hole for the fire to be fitted into, it is simply mounted on the wall with the flue pipe coming out of the top of the fire. As a fully outset gas fire the Drugasar Diablo 90 projects 375mm into the room from the wall and requires no surround, hearth or back panel which traditional fires require and this helps add to the “hanging” effect and creates the modernist finish but this outset projection may dominate and overpower a smaller room.

The Diablo is available in either LPG or natural gas and can be finished in Anthracite, Alu-Metallic, Sand-Metallic and Stainless Steel and would look good in almost any modern living room and with a heat output of 4Kw and up to 74% efficiency is more than capable of heating the standard living room. The Diablo includes a discreet access panel to light pilot light and control the fire manually but also comes complete with a remote control so that once the pilot light is lit you can sit back, relax and control your fire from the comfort of your seat.

The bold strong lines and square edges of the Diablo fire give a very Bauhaus and modernist feel to draw attention to the log fuel effect and real dancing flames while the completely self-contained “hanging” design of this fire uniquely features glass on three sides which further adds to the modernist look and feel.
When finished in Alu-Metallic, Sand-Metallic or Stainless Steel the dark anthracite of the optional flue pipe cover above the fire and the base beneath contrast with the frame to further highlight and draw attention to the Drugasar Diablo. This helps make the Drugasar Diablo the focal point of the room and the unique three-sided viewing window would fill the room with warmth and glow to really allow you to experience the log fire effect.

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