Wednesday 2 November 2011

Hillandale Stoves Multi-Fuel Collection

Hillandale Stoves have a superb collection of multi fuel stoves,which can burn an array of fuel and a combination of fuel effectively andhighly efficiently. With energy efficiency in our thoughts, and the constant rise in electricand gas prices, many homes in the UK are becoming more energy efficient, becauseof this a recent interest in multi fuel stoves has arisen. Multi-fuel stoves,particularly cast iron multi fuel stoves, are not only having the option ofburning a selection of fuels but can burn clean fuels and renewable fuels too,ensuring a cleaner environment and producing supreme heating to your home.

The Hillandale Stoves Multi Fuel collection includes theHillandale Monroe, Hillandale Monterrey and Hillandale Hercules Boiler Stovesand they are available from a number of retailers online and in showrooms acrossthe UK.

The Hillandale Monroe Multi Fuel Stoves are available in several sizes withdiffering outputs allowing a suitable stove for most room sizes. The Monroe 3,Monroe 5 and Monroe 7 have the potential maximum heat output as that numberspecified in the name, so the Monroe 7 has a heat output of up to 7kW. Thestyling of the Hillandale Monroe is one that would suit a more traditionalsetting and will create a feature in most rooms and homes.

The Hillandale Monterrey Multi Fuel Stoves similarly to the Monroe stoves comein three available sizes, the Monterrey 3, Monterrey 5 and Monterrey 7. The potentialmaximum heat output of the stoves also correlated to number in the name. TheHillandale Monterrey however has much simpler design and would lend itselfbetter to be featured in a more modern or even contemporary setting. The largeviewing window on the Monterrey stoves means that when the stove is rapidlyburning a stunning and mesmerising focal point is created.

The Hillandale Hercules Multi Fuel Stoves are the largest multi fuel stovesthat Hillandale provide at present. These are boiler stoves and provide heat tothe room as well as heat domestic hot water supplies as well as radiators.Available as the Hillandale Hercules 12, Hillandale Hercules 20 and HillandaleHercules 30, (like the other stoves the numbers in the names relate topotential maximum heat output) they power differing amounts of radiatorsdepending on their size.

Hillandale multi-fuel stoves are made in the United Kingdom and have solid castiron construction, and the stoves have many additional features like Primary,secondary and tertiary air flow control and riddling grate etc that make themfunctional, effective and controllable. All of the above stoves are suitablefor class 1 flues, so if you have a brick built chimney in your home then theseshould be fine in them.

A general note on safety to any one consideringone of these stoves is that they are extremely effective at heating, hence theuse of cast iron, however they can heat up to very high temperatures and willhold the temperature for some time. Because of this it should be recommendedthat additional care is taken when children and pets are in the household.

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