Saturday 5 November 2011

Hillandale Stoves Lincoln Range

The Hillandale Stoves Lincoln range is a stylishly craftedstove selection of conventional flue gas, balanced flue gas and electricstoves. Hillandale with the Lincoln have moved away from their conventionalmulti fuel stoves to now offer an even wider and better choice for theconsumer.

The Hillandale Lincoln Slimline Gas Stove is designed for natural mains gas andunlike most other Hillandale stoves the Lincoln is suitable for class 1 fluesas well as class 2 and can boast a stunning 80% efficiency and slimline depthof only 250mm
The Hillandale Lincoln Balanced Flue Gas Stove is moresubstantial in its proportions have a depth of 380mm. The balanced flue meansthat there is no need for a conventional flue; the stove is flued directlythrough an existing external wall to the outside. A superb invention that workssimilarly to many combination boilers, and allows many homes to feature a fireor stove when they couldn’t in the past. As all the Lincoln stoves this isconstructed from cast iron and has eloquent styling details.
The Hillandale Lincoln Electric Stove is a freestandingstove with an overall 350mm depth and fantastic design. The electric versionoffers a 2kW heat output and benefits from the fact you can simply plug it in,turn it on, and start warming the room. The Lincoln electric stove does notneed a flue; in fact additional ventilation is not normally required at all.The fuel effect can either be a realist coal or log bed .
The Hillandale Lincoln collection offers homes without aclass 1 chimney the opportunity to have a Hillandale stove within them, tocreate a focal piece within a room whilst providing warmth as well, superb!

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