Sunday 13 November 2011

Aga Little Wenlock Classic in Ideal Home

The Aga Little Wenlock Classic stove makes a welcome appearance in the November issue of Ideal Home, taking pride of place in Matthew and Rebecca Stenson’s living room (p.30). The Stensons’ home is a new build cottage, located in a Cambridgeshire village close to Huntingdon. Although the cottage is only three years old, it has been faithfully built in the rustic style using a traditional oak frame with modern structural insulation panels.
The Stensons have created a home rich with old world charm, but have incorporated the convenience of modern technology wherever possible. With underfloor heating and an air-source heat pump to keep their fuel costs down to around £80 per month, a wood burning stove is more a feature than a necessity. The Aga Little Wenlock Classic woodburner they have installed in their living room is a perfect fit for the character of the cottage with its timeless combination of traditional and modern aesthetics. However, the suitability of this stove for their home goes much deeper than looks alone.
The Aga Little Wenlock Classic stove achieves fuel efficiency of up to 81.2%, making it a good fit for the eco-friendly ethos of fuel economy seen in the rest of the Stensons’ heating system. The Little Wenlock Classic stove has a heat output of 4.7kW. This gives it the power to keep a small living room toasty warm in the worst of weather, but also makes it ideal for supplementing central heating in a medium living room such as the Stensons’.
The Stensons have gone for high quality materials wherever possible both in building and decorating their home. It is no surprise therefore that a solid cast iron woodburner would appeal to them. Aga are renowned for their quality control, being unwilling to release stoves with even the smallest superficial defect. While there are cheaper stoves on the market with similar designs, a close-up comparison will always show the Aga stove to have a flawless finish where a budget stove may well have the odd rough edge.

Ideal Home Magazine is one of best selling homes magazines, and it’s easy to see why. Every issue is crammed full of inspirational ideas, creative decorative techniques and the latest interior design style trends....

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