Thursday 3 November 2011

A closer look at Hillandale Stoves

Asif appearing from the doldrums emerges Hillandale Stoves a well presented brandwith stoves and cookers in its portfolio, but who is Hillandale Stoves, whatproducts do they have and will they be around to honor the warranty? If youwant to know the answers then read on.

Hillandale Stoves as a brand are fairly new, but this is no need for concern asthe Hillandale brand hails from two very well known and respected companies,Brosely fires and Bemodern. The Hillandale stoves range is very similar to theBrosely fires range of stoves, and have the same superb build quality anddesign as each other too. 

Broseley became part of the Bemodern group in 2009, they added to the BemodernGroup by providing the stove element that Bemodern was somewhat lacking fromtheir large array of products.
Hillandale therefore come from the best possible back ground, and have providedthe stove outlet Bemodern desired, they are set to go from strength tostrength, and have a stylish and functional range of stoves and cookers, somewith boiler options  and are already onsale across the UK at the moment. 

It is pretty much guaranteed that Hillandale willcontinue to release stylish, functional and desirable products in the nearfuture. Any concerns over warranties would be unjustifiable, and I look forwardto seeing the future developments Hillandale Stoves provides in years to come.

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