Wednesday 16 November 2011

The Endeavour 3D

Evonic Fires is a brand of CK fires, situated in rural Warwickshire and are focused on provided a wide selection of quality fires, built in the Britain, available from many independent fireplace retail outlets.
Evonic Fires have unveiled their latest offering. The Endeavour 3D hang on the wall electric fire. This ultra-slimline electric fire utilises the same technology that makes the Brilliant Newdawn-E so popular with the choice of seven different fascias to creates a stunning electric fire that not only looks good, but also gives a great heat output for an electric fire at 2kW with built in thermostat.
The Endeavour uses a log fuel effect to create a very realistic looking electric fire, also creating the illusion that the fire is deeper than it actually is, further adding to the realism of the flame effect.
Available in the almost standard electric fire finishes of black glass and gloss black, the Endeavour 3D also breaks from the norm offering the choice of Grey Mirror, Brushed Aluminium, Calcite White and Stone Effect. However the crowing glory of the Endeavour 3D is the solid Oak Fascia that is available, this truly combines the best of having a natural wood surround and inset fire with having a modern hang-on-the-wall electric fire.
 The natural grain of the fascia frames and complements the flame effect in the centre, adding even more ambience to that of a standard black glass electric fire.
And built with almost exclusively British components, you can be sure that when buying an Evonic fire, you are supporting the British economy, especially important in these difficult financial times.
You can now view the Evonic Endeavour 3D complete with black glass fascia, alongside the Evonic Euphoria Stove and Almyra hang on the wall electric fire now on live display at Fireplace Megastore.

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