Tuesday 22 November 2011

Trianco Stoves, The Newton Collection.

Trianco have been providing quality heating products for some time so I feel it is time we had a look at some of their products. This time we are going to be looking at the modern styled Trianco Newton Stoves, now firstly these stoves come in a 5kW and 8kW option. These options provide the 5kW or 8kW heat output respectfully and have up to 78% efficiency.

The Newton stoves have quite a modern/contemporary design, simplistic in many ways, but this is a design feature as the newton stove has been made to have all the modern features expected from a stove but not confuse the user with several controls and settings.

The Newton is a British made stove and can burn a wide variety of solid fuels, including wood (seasoned hardwood recommended) or peat/turf briquettes. Both varieties of the stove can come with the option to have a pedestal. This raises the stove from ground level and changes the appearance of the stove. When accompanied with the pedestal the stove is easier to clean and load, and there is also a place to store fuel under the stove, however for many this moves the stoves from the traditional setting expected when buying a stove.

The 5kW model may be top or rear flued,(5inch flue), for many the positioning of the flue pipe is important to the aesthetics of the stove, so having the option to choose is a bonus. The 8kW stoves have a 6inch flue and may only be top flued when being used with the optional boiler.

The boiler option can provide hot water and be used with radiators, this option is becoming more and more popular as we all look to improve the efficiency of our homes and reduce our carbon footprint. Of course by using a stove and burning wood you are doing this, but many are going all the way and using a boiler that is heated by the stove to even better the environment and the use of the heat emitted from the stove. Some stove users will have the underfloor heating in their homes powered by their stove, which is great if you can afford the time and money!

Trianco Newton stoves stylishly have tertiary air intake that creates a triple-burn system ensuring clean and complete combustion for higher efficiency and lower emissions. The modern design is created by 5mm thick sheets of steel being laser cut into the desired shapes for assembly, this level of thickness is excessive of current regulations, and to add even more efficiency and longevity to the stove the Newtons have vermiculite bricks installed that encourage the retention of heat.

Other great features include the unique handle and control design and the stove comes complete with a cast iron grate, an ash pan and operating tool.

Another great example of great British design and engineering and a company worth considering if you are looking to purchase a modern stove.

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