Thursday 27 October 2011

Charnwood SLX Stoves

Charnwood have a superb SLX range of stoves, similar to the Charnwood LA stoves (previously featured), but with added styling and features.
The Charnwood SLX range of stove comes in either the SLX 20, inset or freestanding (outset), or the SLX 45 inset or freestanding.
The SLX 20 is available as purely a room heater, it uses a mixture of multi-fuels and has the option to add a boiler if desired that is capable of heating domestic hot water. The inset stove allows the chimney to be swept through the stove and would be suited to most homes with a class one chimney or flue.
The SLX 45 only comes as a boiler stove and heats up the room, hot water, radiators and is also suitable floor underfloor heating and the chimney can be swept through the inset stove.
The stoves in the SLX range are constructed from steel, cast iron, fire brick and ceramic glass and they feature cool to the touch handles, which prove extremely effective when reloading the stove. Both inset and outset models feature the Charnwood converting grate to help ensure the fuel being burnt receives the correct air flow to burn properly and effectively.

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Superb design and phenomenal efficiency, certain to be extremely popular this season and into 2012, what do you think? Let us know and we'll publish your comments, (so keep them clean or they won't be seen!).

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