Tuesday 18 October 2011

Manufacturer Focus: Firebelly Stoves

It's now 8 years since Firebelly Woodstoves started making it's mark on the industry with the launch of the FB1, a cleverly designed stove, which is commonly viewed as a successful marriage of both modern and traditional styles.
Featuring tubular corners to offset and otherwise squarish design, the FB1 has an output of up to 6kW and the option for a rear or top 125mm (5 inch in old money) flue outlet. Measuring 522mm (width) x 605 (height) x 422mm (deep), the FB1 is also available as a double-sided "see-through" stove.
Keep It Simple
Using the same basic design, the FB2 is the FB1's bigger brother and has an output of up to 12kW and a 150mm (6inch) top or rear flue outlet. The FB2 is wider at 640mm but otherwise shares the same height and depth as the FB1. A "double-sided" is also available.
Key to the high efficiency of the FB range is the extensive use of high grade reflective ceramic linings which Firebelly have developed specifically for its designs.
More recently Firebelly has unveiled the FB1 & FB2 stoves with brushed stainless steel 'legs' which, in combination with no less than 18 Different Colours can produce some fantastic looking stoves and means that from just 2 different stoves you can have 76 Different variations, meaning you can really make your own stove unique. All from two relatively simple designs.

Log boxes and multi-fuel kits are also available together with a hot water boiler for the FB2 which can provide up to 8kW for central heating and domestic hot water.
More recent additions to the range include the FB, a small stove with an output of upto 4kW, the Firepod, a pedestal stove with an output of up to 10kW and the Razen Cookstove made from stainless steel.
"The success of Firebelly Woodstoves has a lot to do with keep the product range relatively simple but, most of all, by providing high levels of customer service." Says Craig Mollet, Managing Director of Firebelly Woodstoves.
"Our success has mostly come from innovative design and high quality manufacturing, the latter supported by substantial investment in the very latest cutting equipment which provides exception precision."

Proud To Be Built In Britain
Firebelly Woodstoves makes great play of it's product being British made and is now exporing the products all over the world, including far-afield countries such as New Zealand and Japan. Craig concludeds "The stove market in the UK is becoming ever more competitive but our determination to keep the customer satisfied has worked to our advantage and we forsee Firebelly Woodstoves to become increasingly popular for some time to come"

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