Friday 7 October 2011

Turn a Chimney Breast Into A Focal Point.

Most houses used to be built with a standard chimney and traditionally it was there to just satisfy that one purpose, provide space for the chimney to go out through the house and carry away the harmful combustion gases.
But in the ever changing world of interior design, who says the chimney breast can't become a focal point in the room in its own right? Instead of acting as a mounting plate for a fireplace or wall-hung picture. So why not make the chimney breast itself a focal point? Combine it with a fireplace to really create that focal point of the living room.
In this article we look into just how to create that look in just a few simple steps. Doing away from the matching colourscheme across the whole wall room and going for a feature wall and chimney breast.

To achieve the look illustrated left we started with the wall itself either side of the chimney breast, to truly make the chimney breast a focal point the wall is painted in a warm off white colour, such as Magnolia. Which while not dominating means that the white walls aren't harsh and dominating.

We then went for a lovely contrasting floral wallpaper for the chimney breast iteself, we went for Marciana Floral Wallpaper, Cranberry Red & Natural wall paper by Laura Ashley (available here) This stunning floral wallpaper features pearlescent inks and a washable coating. The deep cranberry reds contrast with the pale background to really accentuate the chimney breast.

To top it all off we paired the lovely wallpaper with the Aura Suite from Drugasar. This stunning solid stone fireplace complements the neutral wall colour either side of the chimney breast while the downlights and contrasting black granite back panel highlights the fire in the centre.

Finally a colour coded vase and ornament completes the look!

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