Saturday 25 May 2013

Pebbles And Coals For Electric Fires

Electric fireplaces are a great alternative for anyone looking to create an ambient atmosphere without the necessity to burn gas or solid fuel to create the effect. Electric fires are also great for homes without piped gas or homes that want to use their fireplace as a principle focal point rather than a primary source of heat. Electric fires are usually supplied with either a coal or pebble fuel bed that glows and emulates what a real gas or solid fuel fireplace would look like after being installed.

Fuel beds for electric fires.

1. The majority of customers we have spoke to that consider having an electric fire would typically opt for a coal fuel bed as it is customary to burn coal rather than pebbles. However coal is dark and has a solid colour that does not let light pass through it. For that reason, many customers that have seen electric fires with a pebble fuel bed would often prefer it to coal alternatives.
2. The vast majority of electric fires have an independent fuel bed, which means you can simply change the pebble to coal as it is loose and free standing. With almost all electric fires it is simply a case of purchasing independent loose pebble or coal and simply putting this onto of your electric fire.
3. A small minority of electric fires have the fuel bed behind a glass screen and for that reason the fuel bed cannot be changed after the fire has been manufactured.

Will any pebble or coal work on electric fires?

Yes, any conventional pebble and coal will work on your electric fire provided you have a loose fuel bed that can be changed. Unlike Gas fires any pebble, coal, logs or even slate chippings will work. Gas fires on the contrary have a fuel bed manufactured from specialist ceramic which is virtually everlasting and has specific laying patterns and needs to be aligned with the jets of the gas fire.

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