Sunday 12 May 2013

Fires without chimneys

Customers often assume that if they don't have a chimney, they can't have a fire or stove but in fact that isn't the case any more.  You can have a flueless fire or a stove which doesn't need a chimney or any flue pipes - they're easy to install and look fabulous. What's more, they're very efficient as you aren't loosing heat up the chimney.

The one thing you will need if you want a flueless fire or stove is an air vent in your room.  This is essential to ensure there is sufficient oxygen in the room to keep the fire burning properly.

You can have a flueless fire inserted into an existing fireplace, or you can have a wall mounted fire and you can select from a wide variety of both traditional and modern styles.

Other options include a balanced flue fire or stove, which will need a flue pipe fitted to an outside wall so any emissions go straight outside, or an electric fire or stove.  People are often put off the idea of an electric fire having seen old-fashioned models which can look pretty awful, but customers are often surprised by how authentic the latest electric fires and stoves can look.

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