Saturday 11 May 2013

How Aarrow Stoves Are Made

If you have ever wondering how a wood-burning stove is made, wonder no more.
This excellent video, made by stove manufacturer Arada who Make Aarrow stoves, shows you the exact manufacturing process that is followed to create the excellent finished products you see for sale on our website.
So, before you buy an Aarrow stove from the site, you can see how a fairly uninspiring sheet of metal is transformed into a beautifully designed appliance that will bring warmth to your home.
The aforementioned sheet-metal is subjected to some very precise machine cutting to create perfectly-sized panels with holes in all the right places (and none in the wrong places). The panels are then bent into shape using an array of appropriate machinery.
Once all the components of the stove are the required shape, assembly of the stove can began. It’s at this point that the various bits of metal you’ve been watching start to resemble the wood-burning stoves we know and love.
Having been placed together, the metal panels are then welded to make the assembly a more permanent arrangement.
Blemishes are removed ahead of the stove being painted. By the time two coats of the distinctive black heat resistant paint have been applied, you stove is very much on the home straight.
The door is still separate at this stage though. Having itself been painted, the door is assembled. This includes the fitting of firerope to create seals around the door and around the glass, the fitting of hinges and the addition of a door handle.
All the new fixtures and fittings are then tested before the newly finished wood-burning stove is wheeled off to be packaged. And that’s how they look when they arrive with us.
And that’s the end of the manufacturing process. Hopefully you will be impressed at how much hands-on work is involved in making the stove.

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