Sunday 19 May 2013

Apex Rivas

The Apex Rivas 60 hole in the wall gas fire has an efficiency rating of 80% and an amazing 5.5kw of heat output. This Apex Rivas 60 hole in the wall gas fire comes with a number of different colours of trims, for the front trim you have 5 to pick from such as black, Bronze, Brushed steel, Chrome and Graphite. For the rear frame you have a choice of 3 trims such as Black, Bronze and Graphite, you also have a choose of different interiors such as Black and creme and 3 choices of fuel effects which are Pebbles, Logs or Driftwood. The Apex Rivas is fully remote control it has a realistic dancing flame effect and is glass fronted which is better for the efficiency and this fire is suiteble for class 1 and class 2 prefabricated flues. This Apex Rivas can also come in a bigger size which is call the Apex Rivas 100 and has the same options as the Apex Rivas 60

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