Tuesday 14 May 2013

Enamelled Stoves

We're finding that ranges of enamelled stoves are proving incredible popular with some customers, as you can choose a colour to match your interior decoration.
Carron enamelled stoves come in a range of colours, including the blue enamel shown here as well as black, red, green, antique and cream enamel and matt black. 

The Carron stoves also come in different sizes and styles.  There's the Dante shown here which is a 5KW stove, as well as a standard 5KW and a larger 7KW version.

Drugasar also offer a range of enamel finishes on their multifuel stoves, with the DRU64MF available in matt black as well as ivory, brown and green enamel finishes

Not strictly enamelled, but the Firebelly range of stoves, including the FB1G are available in a range of different finishes from matt black to pewter and even bright metallic red.

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