Monday 20 May 2013

Crystal Fires a Sparkle in UK Fire Manufacturing

Crystal Fires are one of the best gas fire and electric fire producers in the UK, but unfortunately in the past they have sometimes not considered by the consumer as larger more globalised fire manufacturers have marketed their products more effectively and have larger fund resources advertising and product placement then this UK-based customer.
Despite coming from more humble beginnings then some of the larger companies, the Crystal Fires company is rapidly becoming one of the UKs leading manufacturers in fires. The company started out retailing fires from a small shop in Liverpool, two brothers with over thirty years of relevant experience worked tirelessly to promote products they believe in.
From the small retailer beginnings they have moved to now have an extensive Crystal Fires factory that overlooks the historical Aintree racecourse in Liverpool and have Crystal Fires retailers throughout the UK and online too.
The secret to their success has been the company’s focus on build quality and efficiency, and over the past twenty years in the business Crystal Fires have created many award winning designs and have come to be respected within the industry.
What I find great about the company is they have always kept true to their build quality and efficiency policies, and this sometimes means they are overlooked by the consumer as they can find cheaper similar products, but as we all look to be more efficiency, as it saves us money, and we all look to support the UKs industry, as it is better for the environment (less carbon footprint), we are looking towards companies like Crystal fires that have maintained that the design, manufacture, assembly, testing and packing of their fires all takes place in Great Britain.
Crystal Fires have also implemented select criteria for their products to help maintain a fair selling field for the shop and web based retailer. Crystal Fires are fully that web based retailers can often retail their products cheaper, as their over-heads are less, so if you wish to buy a Crystal Fire online you will have to call the company to attain a price. This is to make sure that the company is a genuine one; if you have any questions about the fire a genuine company will be happy to answer the questions or provide you with the Crystal Fires number to be able to ask them directly. All Crystal Fires Gas fires have a stunning 5 year manufacturer’s warranty too, which is far longer than many others in the industry.
The build quality and efficiency of the Crystal Fires range is superb, and as you can see be the pictures of their gas and electric fires their design is sublime. I implore you to consider one of these fantastic Crystal Fires when shopping and keep the flag flying high.

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