Monday 6 May 2013

Could a wood-burning stove help to sell your property?

The UK property market is still far from making a full recovery and many people are struggling to find buyers for their homes. So, could the humble wood-burning stove be the answer to their problems?
According to one estate agent, yes, a wood-burning stove might be the way to get your property sold.
Estate agent Tom Deville, of Savills, believes that the addition of a wood-burning stove can help to sway potential buyers towards making an offer for a property.
He told the website: “People love them, they make a nice homely feel, and buyers are often aware that they’re cost effective and better for the environment.
“They probably don’t add anything to the value of a property, but they make it more desirable and saleable.”


And in a competitive market, that saleable factor can be priceless. Tom recalls examples of properties where installing a stove has had a huge impact.
He added: “People like them if it suits the property. We sold a converted barn recently with a chimney breast in the middle of the room and a double glass-sided log burner. It made the room complete.”
At Fires Fireplaces Stoves, we’re inclined to agree. Although there is the risk that you might struggle to part with your new stove once it’s installed!
But if you are looking for a new tactic to find a buyer for your home, a stove could be a shrewd investment. After all, the cost of buying and installing a stove would be dwarfed by the amount you’d pocket if it does help you to entice interest in your home.

Tips for using a wood-burning stove to sell your home

  • Light your wood-burning stove before viewings to create a cosy atmosphere and warmth in the home.
  • Feature the stove prominently in your estate agent’s photos. Play up to the desirability aspect.
  • Name the stove as a feature on your property description. It might entice people to have a look.

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