Wednesday 29 May 2013

Gas Fires Without A Chimney

You may think that living in a house with a chimney is the only way that you can enjoy the warmth and atmosphere that a gas fire can bring to your home. A few years ago, that would be the case. However, in 1930, engineers from the Netherlands invented the balanced flue system and it has rapidly established an industry standard for efficiency and performance.
A balanced flue gas fire consists of a glass front and a double walled pipe which runs through your wall to the outside. Clean air is brought into your fire through the inside pipe while the dirty air is taken outside through the outer pipe.
As well as allowing you to install a gas fire into any home, balanced flue fires actually have a lot of benefits over regular gas fires. For example, balanced flue fires are sealed with a glass front they are exceptionally efficient as heat does not escape through the front of the fire, which can cause a ‘stuffy' feeling in your room. Also, air is naturally drawn from the outside through convection so that energy is not wasted through that way. Finally, the glass front ensures that your fire is much safer to use, especially is you have young children. Just like regular gas fires, balanced flue fires are available in a wide range of styles. Whether you're after a traditional fire to install into a classic fireplace and hearth combination or a striking hole-in-the-wall fire, you'll be able to find the perfect one for your home. For example, Apex Samson Balanced Gas Fire is a traditional  inset fire and is available in chrome or brass, black and brushed steel. This allows you to create a complete fireplace in almost any style you can think of. It has also been specially engineered to offer 89% efficiency which makes it very economical to run.
On the other hand, the Carmelo balanced flue fire from Verine really has to be seen to be believed. Its hole-in-the-wall design is truly unique and will create the perfect finishing touch in any modern living room. However, it's not just a pretty face. Its heat output is incredibly impressive which makes it a great choice for large rooms.

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