Thursday 7 March 2013

The Flavel Rocco Fire gets even better

I am delighted to tell you that the Flavel Rocco has now been improved and re-released by BFM Europe.

The Rocco HE has an improved heat output of up to 4.2kW with a net efficiency of 87%. This increased level of efficiency is achieved using a heat exchanger, which draws cool air in from the room and emits back into the room as warm convected heat, and this combined with the radiant heat of the glass front, allows us Flavel to achieve these impressive results. The heat exchanger does change the total depth of the engine from 333mm to 385mm.

BFM Europe has also improved the functionality of the Rocco by upgrading the semi-automatic remote control system to a fully automatic remote system with thermostatic operation. It is now much simpler to ignite and control the fire to achieve your desired room temperature.

The Flavel Rocco HE boasts the same popular aesthetics of the trim with four model options; black back with black trim, black back with silver trim, black back with champagne trim and cream back with champagne trim.

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