Monday 4 March 2013

Portway Stoves

The Portway 1 mulit fuel stove is a compact, contemporary steel stove which has an ultra slim body to allow it to be installed in a wider range of fireplaces, yet still have a large viewing window. The Portway one has a steel body which are 5mm thick and comes with cast iron doors and grates a total weight of 56kg. This stove also has a air wash system so the glass doesn't get dirty, also this can come with longer legs as an optional extra and a heat output of up to 4.8kw.
The Portway 2 contemporary stove is also a steel stove which like the Portway 1 has a large viewing window and is exceptionally easy to operate. This Portway 2 is available in two stove colours black or charcoal, also you have a choice of door colour a matching door, Ruby enamel or Arctic enamel. Also has a air wash system and available with longer legs and a heat output of up to 7kw.

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