Thursday 28 March 2013

AGA Little Wenlock Classic SE

The Little Wenlock Classic Smoke Exempt AGA Stove - a dedicated smoke exempt version of the best selling Little Wenlock Classic.
A carbon neutral, renewable and cost effective energy source there has never been a better time to bring the warmth and heart-warming appeal of a real fire into your living room.
Specifically designed to burn woo and to burn it so efficiently as to meet the stringent requirements of the clean air act - the low particulate emissions from the smoke Exempt means that this product is fully approved to burn wood in smoke controlled zones. Nominal heat output on the smoke Exempt is 4.7kw, maximum heat output of 7kw.
The Little Wenlock Classic Smoke Exempt, your fully approved Exempt Appliance, the perfect blend of old and new, combining cutting edge technology with traditional cast iron style and performance.

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