Friday 29 March 2013

Manufacturer Focus: Broseley Fires

Better make it Broseley.

You might not associate the welcoming, ageless ambience of burning logs with leading edge innovation. In fact, making mankind's oldest heating technology fit for all our futures is the focus of everything Broseley do.

Broseley is named after the village in the heart of England where the business was born. It's just across the historic Ironbridge over the Severn from Coalbrookdale where 18th century ironmasters forged the industrial revolution. Cast iron, with its thermal diffusion properties, is still the material of choice for manufacturing wood burning stoves.

It's sturdy nature is the starting point for the Broseley designers to create the soft edged, sculptural effects crafted into the case surfaces of stoves such as the Broseley Serrano or eVolution range  In their research and development laboratory, the Broseley engineers have perfected clean burn technology, underneath the skin of your skin is a clever system of ducts which direct three different airflows around the interior. First to assist the burning of the wood fuel itself, second to preheat the air in a heat exchange chamber that burns off excess hydrocarbons in the smoke, and third to keep the glass visibly clean.  The last thing you want is to obscure the spectable with the deposits of combustion inside the glass. You don't have to clean it. The airwash does it for you, sending a curtain of air down over the glass to keep it clean.

One of the joys of Broseley stoves is the witnessing the play of the flames- one minute smouldering, next leaping around as you adjust the air controls.

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