Monday 25 March 2013

Cannonbury Inset Stoves from Acquisitions

Straight, military lines give the Cannonbury its sleek, contemporary character; Acquisitions have also incorporated Georgian-inspired but modern-looking detailing from the Somerset Hob Grate for that exclusive Acquisitions feel.
These economical multi-fuel inset stoves – approved for use in urban areas – can improve on the efficiency of an open fire by up to 400%. Available in two depths to suit the room size and required heat level, The Cannonbury inset stove comprises a firebox inside an outer casing, with a cavity between the two. Cool air drawn in at the base is heated and rises out of the top to evenly heat every corner of the room; this process also reduces the temperature of the stove's surface.

"Contemporary with a Georgian twist, this unique design can be inserted into a standard firepalce or cavity to heat your room efficiently and beautifully."

Boasting up to 83% efficiency the Cannonbury is available  in either a 4kw or 5kw heat output and is capable of burning wood and smokeless fuels while also boasting the Afterburn preheated secondary airwash self-cleaning system that ensures the glass stays clean of any soot.

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