Saturday 7 January 2012

Reasons to buy a range cooker

Big, beautiful and bursting with functions, a range cooker has the capacity to steal the show - making sure the kitchen is the true heart of any home.
But what are the options when it comes to ranges, and why choose a hearty range cooker over a built-in oven for your kitchen?
One of the greatest benefits of a range cooker is its heavy-duty durability and solid construction - they are literally built to last a lifetime.
Not only does this mean your initial investment has long-term benefits, but a range cooker is also kinder onthe environment as it puts landfill sites under less pressure, and with a solid fuel range, can offer Carbon Neutral heating and cooking.
Range cookers exude a feeling of permanence and solidity and, once you use them in the right way, quickly become a focal point in the kitchen and a home essential that you can't live without!

Range cookers have a distinct style, which stand out in the kitchen. Ranginge from a traditional, yet colourful finish of the Broseley Rosetta to the industrious Broseley Thermo Sovrana to the ultra-contemporary Firebelly Razen Cookstove. They add a homeliness, and even a feeling that whoever owns one is a competent and capable cook!
These factors mean that, unlike built-in ovens, range cookers can quickly become a focal point in the kitchen - making this area a place to which people naturally gravitate in the home, particularly if the smell of freshly baked bread or a simmering stew fills the air,  a freestanding range cooker has a much stronger presence than built-in appliances.
 While most "normal" cookers just come in the standard white or stainless steel, range cookers are available in a large number of extra colours, such as cream enamel, red enamel or even soapstone panels on some of the stoves! These extra colours allow the stove to complement or contrast existing decor to truly create that focal point.
While the common perception is that range cookers are old fashioned so don't have the same features as a "normal" cooker, but this can actually be the opposite. With additional features such as a warming drawer, ideal to warm plates before a large meal or to place bread to rise. With the larger stoves you can also connect them up to your central heating to get the most out of that lovely wood-fire and heat not only your kitchen, but the rest of the house and you hot water as well.

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