Monday 30 January 2012

Now That Spring Is On It's Way

For those of us who own a log burner the time has come to start looking to restock stores of seasoned logs  ready for next year, wood burns most efficiently with a moisture content no greater than 20%, this can either be bought in bulk from companies such as Certainly Wood, or if you can get free wood, either from windfalls (ask the landowner's permission first) or perhaps if you are good friends with a tree surgeon who can donate his cuttings. This 'green' wood can have a moisture content of more than triple the recommended 20% and if burned 'green' then this wood would produce very little heat and large amounts of smoke that could cause a build-up of creosote in the flue.
Obviously you will need somewhere to let the wood season, let the moisture leave the wood. There is no point just piling it up and covering it with a tarpaulin, it will just sweat and go mouldy and useless. You need a log-store. Somewhere open enough for the wind to be able to blow through the wood and take out a majority of that moisture while also keeping it sheltered for the more extreme elements.
There are a wide variety of Log Stores available from places such as House 2 Home Megastore, as above they can be combined with a tool store for the budding gardener, but likewise if you perhaps already have a garden shed and don't necessarily need extra storage space then there are other options available.
The standard design of log-store is shown right. Slatted walls on three sides allow the wind to blow through and a roof will keep the rain off.
Be sure to purchase a log store made from FSC Certified Materials and with an in-service guarantee to make sure your log store lasts.
All the Log Stores from House 2 Home Megastore come with at least a 5 year in-service guarantee, with some offering 15 years! These log stores will ensure you've got seasoned wood for your log-burner for years to come!

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