Wednesday 4 January 2012

Bio Ethanol Fires

Followingthe emerging success of bio ethanol fires in 2011 they look set to become evenmore popular, sure to be one of the ‘must have’ items of 2012. This is becausethey are real or live flame fires that burn having no dangerous fumes emitted.This allows a real fire to be achieved in homes where it was never thoughtpossible. Because bio ethanol fires do not need a flue, or expensive fittingand annual servicing, they burn a gel type fuel that is made from renewablesources and very popular around the world, yet fairly new to the UK.

Many existing fire companies are now investing their efforts into creating bioethanol fires, which will only makes them more affordable and desirable. Someof the designs are extremely innovative, mainly because no consideration forthe flue is required and will create an ornate feature in your home or gardeneven when not in use.

Bio ethanol fires also have a market in the garden sector as well as home, andcitronella fuel is available for your outdoor fire to help ward off those insects.They are a great way of keeping the garden party going once the BBQ has goneout, or an impressive way to light an entrance path or drive to your home.

Bio ethanol fires look great, are easy to use and effective with little maintenancerequired, how could something with such great attributes not be a phenomenalsuccess?

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