Monday 23 January 2012

45 Years Of Corian

Invented and produced by DuPont, Corian® is a solid surface offering superior design possibilities and excellent long-term performance, used both in the home and in many different commercial environments, from hotels to healthcare, retail to marine.
With its balance of beauty and performance, Corian® lends itself to imaginative uses, innovative designs and enduring applications.
If you can imagine it, you can probably create it with Corian®. Available in over 100 colours, Corian® can be carved, routed or worked like wood, moulded, thermoformed or inlayed… the design options are almost limitless, but enough of the endless possibilities that Corian
® can be used for, we're going to look at just one, and one fire manufacturer that have created arguably one of the most popular fires of the last few years.
In April this year Corian® will celebrate it's 45th year. almost half a century of creating everything from kitchen worktops, to pieces of modern art and even gas and electric fires. With this milestone in mind we showcase just how one fire manufacturer showcases this amazing material.
Brilliant Fires are the only manufacturer to take advantage of the versatile material, creating stunning fires from the Brilliant NewDawn-E, a breath-taking electric fire with a flame effect that is totally unique and almost without competition in terms of authentic appearance, to the Ledge suite, combining this stunning material with a beautiful hole-in-the-wall style fireplace

The Brilliant Ledge is a Simple yet chic fireplace design and makes a bold statement without being over the top. Boasting fully automatic remote control as standard and makes a stunning focal point in any room. While the choice of Corian® finishes allows you to choose a colour that contrasts or complements existing decor. The 2.7kW heat output means this fire will give you that warm glow in an evening and help keep that cold edge off long after the central heating has turned off.

Another model in the Brilliant range that showcases a stunning Corian® fascia is the NewDawn and Brilliant NewDawn-E. These stunning fires combine the stunning Corian® fascia of the Ledge and Slab ranges with a simple Hole-In-The-Wall style finish to create a highly desirable finish that can be tempered to your colour scheme.

The micro-chip controlled LED flame effect eliminates the need for ribbons and fans that add to the depth of the fire, meaning the Newdawn-E is a mere 75mm deep, approximately half the depth of a majority of the other electric fires on the market, but this depth doesn't detract from the heat output, offering 2kWof fan heat blowing from the bottom, meaning it may be possible to install underneath a television, but it may be worth double checking with the tv manufacturer first, just to be on the safe side.

All of these fires are available in over 100 different colours of Corian® finishes, allowing you to go for a neutral colour to complement existing decor, or to contrast, creating a bold design statement and drawing maximum attention to your fire.

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