Friday 13 January 2012

Interior Design Trends For 2012 - Industrial

Our final piece on upcoming Interior Design Trends for 2012 is Industrial. Our final trend has the potential to be the most popular of all. The Industrial or Utilitarian furniture has the ability to instantly add a designer feel to almost any living space. This is displayed perfectly right in a modern bar. The bare metal and brick walls combined with the antique wood finish complete the industrial look.
We can now look into just a few ways you can create that look with a fire or fireplace. To either contrast existing decor and create that focal point, or to combine with other items in the same style to truly give the whole room that Industrial/Utilitarian feel.

Our first suggestion follows the stripped back, functional ideals of the Industrial design trend. The new T3 range of Burley stoves, consisting of the Holywell, Brampton, Debdale and the Wakerley. These stoves are incredibly efficient, with the claim that 100kg of seasoned logs can be burnt so efficiently that all the ash could fit into just a single pint glass!
You won't find any unnecessary styling features on these stoves which means all the attention is drawn to the incredibly large glass window showcasing the Cyclone(TM) flame picture.
The simple plate steel styling and wooden handles complement each other nicely and would not look out of place in any living space, or industrial workshop for that matter. Further proving just how perfect these stoves are to create the Industrial look.

While most wood-burning stoves will boast primary, second and tertiary combustion to create very efficient appliances the Burley T3 range of stoves offer the previously unheard of Quaternary combustion. Meaning even less unburnt fuel can be wasted up the chimney and giving you yet more heat for your fuel!

These stoves are NOT available online to purchase, however why not give Fireplace Megastore a call, one of Burley's biggest dealers in the UK and place an order for one of these truly revolutionary stoves!

Our final, but by no means our least favourite suggestion is the Apex Rivas 60 or Rivas 100 gas fire from Apex. Offering a stunning twin level trim available in 5 different finishes from the industrial brushed stainless steel to the incredibly contemporary polished chrome finish. The realistic log or pebble fuel effect can offer both the traditional or contemporary fuel effect.
The heat output of 5.5kW with a high efficiency of up to 75% means that you can heat your room, without heating the outside world at the same time!
As you can see (right) when combined with other industrialist elements in the room, or it can be used as a focal point on a chimney breast to heat your living room on those cold wintery nights!

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