Friday 18 March 2011

Carbon Neutral Heating - Wood Burning Stoves

With the world's current focus on Japan and the crisis at the Fukishima Nuclear Power Plant and possible nuclear meltdown and the disasterous effects this may have on the environment. We at Fires | Fireplaces | Stoves have looked at a Carbon Neutral way of heating your home. Using a woodburning stove.

When a tree is burned it releases Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that the tree has absorbed over the life of the tree through photosynthesis. This means that burning wood releases no additional CO2 into the atmosphere and when burning wood from a sustainable source this creates a closed carbon cycle and means that all the heat coming from your wood burning stove is carbon-neutral, not contributing any additional or excessive Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere.
Another advantage of wood, unlike fossil fuels such as gas or oil is that it is an ecologically renewable resource and will not run out. Very soon in the the near future you may be heating your house with sustainable wood or similar biomass technology.

Some tips for climate-neutral heating:
Choose a stove that meets even the most stringent environmental standards.

Regularly inspect the flue.

Only burn clean and dry firewood, with ideally less than 20% moisture content.

Ensure there is sufficient ventilation for effective combustion.

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