Wednesday 16 March 2011

First Glimpse: Apex Biofuel Fires

With Apex's new range of Bio-Ethanol fires now on sale, Fires | Fireplaces | Stoves got to have a glimpse at two of their freestanding Bio-Ethanol Fires. The Apex Affinity and the Apex Duplex.

The first fire we got to see was the Apex Duplex, a dual purpose unit, combining a 100% efficient bio-ethanol fire with a stylish coffee table. This stunning piece of contempory furniture can instantly become the centrepiece of and modern living space, replacing the traditional and bulky fireplace and surround.

At first look the Duplex in it's stunning matt black finish with tempered glass fire guards is the definition of contemporary furnishing and when the fire is lit, giving up to 3kW of heat this fire instantly becomes the focal point of the room and bathing the room in that lovely warm glow.
The fire is easy to use, simply fill the reservior and light using a taper, the 1 litre capacity gives up to 5.5 hours of burn time and one of the main advantages of bio-ethanol is that they do not require any flue, installation or ventilation so can be placed almost anywhere in the house!

The other fire we got to have a look at was the Apex Affinity, this freestanding white fire comes complete in a white gloss finish that can contrast beautifully with a dark carpet or darkwood floor, also offering a heat output of upto 3kW these fires offer greater heat output that that of an electric fire without the sound of a noisy fan and at greater levels or reliability.

The sleek modern finish to the Affinity is capped with 2 sheets of tempered glass to protect any children or pets from the hot flames in the centre. The twin levels of the surround help this unit stand out from the very symmetrical world of traditional fireplace surrounds.

Both these fires, The Duplex and the Affinity have the flexibility to be situated either against a wall or in the centre of the room, allowing you to surround the fire as a centrepiece or to situate it against a wall much like a conventional fireplace.

They also boast the flexibility of just having the natural, uninhibited flames dancing in the fire or the fire can be purchased with an additional pebble fuel effect to add that extra little element to these stunning bio-ethanol fires.

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