Thursday 3 March 2011

New Verine Atina High Efficiency Gas Fire

Verine are not content with the amazing success they have already received from their amazing decorative hole in the wall fire, and with a tremendous amount of requests, they have now bought out the Atina fire as a glass fronted high efficiency fire.
The Verine Atina High Efficiency (HE) Fire is glass fronted, like most HE fires, and boasts an impressive 77% efficiency rating, that is incredible for this size and type of fire.
The HE version boasts all of the stunning looks and has equally as much design appeal as its predecessors, however it has a glass front and generates a maximum heat output of 3.5kW where as previous models could not accurately give an output measurement, thus were decorative only, but the new high efficiency model is a massive improvement.
The Verine high efficiency Atina has the choice of either a traditional log fuel effect or contemporary styled white stone effect and comes with such safety features a flame supervision device, which cuts the gas supply should it become unstable, or unlit, and an oxygen depletion sensor that constantly monitors the oxygen level within the room, and should they fall to a dangerous level, stops the flow of gas, switching off the fire.
This stunning stylish fire is available in a mains natural gas version or a liquid propane gas version and can be set within a traditional chimney or class two prefabricated flue.
The Atina was originally designed to be a frame less contemporary hole in the wall gas fire and have since produced fine frames for the Atina. The Atina HE has the option to be frame less or to be paired with a champagne or silver effect frame that are also available as a wider option too.
Truly a most impressive gas fire that will captivate viewers of it's beauty making them envious of the home owners style and decadence. Verine Atina High Efficiency fires are only available from reputable suppliers and are sure to be one of the largest selling gas fires in 2011.

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