Monday 28 February 2011

Cast Iron Inset Stove Convection Explained:

Convection is a phenomenon that takes place within gases and liquids. Solids alas have atoms that are unable to move sufficiently for convection to take place. Convection occurs when heating a room because the heated air rises in cold air. The cold air then replaces the warmer rising air creating convection.

Convection is often aided by a fan which helps to direct the heated air, and can often be seen used on inset fires to make sure the heated air moves into the room as apposed to up a chimney or flue. Bear in mind that the shear amount heat that is created by an inset stove makes it impossible to incorporate a fan into it.

Multi-fuel stoves and wood burning stoves will also have smoke and fumes that are expelled within the heated air. So how can is it possible to achieve convection from an inset stove? Well, it can be achieved by the firebox being placed inside an outer shell or box. The air that is found between the boxes is heated and released into the room from the top of the stove. This results in a highly effective inset stove that still radiates heat like normal stoves, but has the added advantage of convecting heat into the room as well.

This is an impressive addition to inset stoves and the stove product range as a whole. As efficiency becomes more to the fore front of every home owners thoughts, such products like inset convection stoves are sure to become more popular than ever.

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