Friday 25 February 2011

Europa Complete Firplace Suites

The new fireplace suites by Europa are the Hanover and the Sofia. These suites come as a package that include the fire, mantle surround, back panel and hearth. The suites have been designed to suite most homes as they both come with a large variety of components that selectable and these choices are not usually available when purchasing a complete suite.
Both the Hanover suite and Sofia Suite have mantle surrounds that come in a natural oak finish that is available in a choice of sizes, either 54inch or48 inch. The size refers to the mantle shelf width, and whichever one is selected will have a hearth width that is the same size in width. The back panel and hearths that come with the suite are available in either a black granite or beige micro marble finish.
Europa have, quite uniquely, provided the option with these suites to select what type of fire you would like from a large range of styles and effects, most noticeably the choice of either a gas or electric fire.
The Sofia and the Hanover suites start to differ a little when the fires come into play, the Sofia has a large selection of cast iron, traditionally styled inset fires, while the Hanover has the more modern styled fire with brass or chrome effect finishes.
Both have the electric option that also come with a battery operated remote control as standard and coal and pebble fuel effects are included as well. The electric suites can be used as freestanding suites, as they do not require having a chimney or flue.
The natural gas fires that Europa has supplied with these suites are available in a full depth or slim line version. The full depth version gives a greater heat output and is designed for use in a conventional chimney (class 1), while the slim line gas fire option allows the suite to be used in a chimney but also prefabricated flues too.
The Europa Sofia Suite differs again from the Hanover as it has low voltage down lights, or spotlights, as part of the suite. This addition adds an additional touch of class, and the control switch is neatly concealed by the mantle overhang. A lovely effect but be aware that these lights will need an additional electricity supply which may be overlooked when buying a gas version of the suite.
The Sofia and Hanover suites by Europa are available at very reasonable prices from all good fireplace suppliers and are a great option if you require a complete fire/surround suite.

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