Tuesday 15 February 2011

Esse Solo Traditional Electric Stove.

This stunning stove illustrated on the left is the Esse Solo Traditional Electric Stove. This portable electric stove would be perfect for a convervatory or any open living space that doesnt need or want to compromise wall or floor space with a convential fireplace.

This impressive electric stove features a powerful 2kW Convector heat that silently circulates around the room, a change from many other electric heaters that require a fan that can be quite noisy.

The solid cast iron ornamental body helps convect the heat out into the room while the coke fuel effect can be used independently of the heat setting to maintain that ambience, even when the heater is not on.

The Esse Solo Traditional electric stove is a high quality stove, in hand-crafted cast iron, available in either black or evergreen matt paint finishes or the unique polished finish shown.

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