Saturday 11 September 2010

UK 2010 Winter Blues - Expect another Cold Winter

 Advance forecasts of winter 2010 for the UK is not looking good, several forecasts from the UK met office predict that we are in for another icy winter for 2010. The image shows the expected average temperature after an expected cold front come from europe once more, plunging the whole of the UK to temperatures of minus 4 degrees for extended periods. We are advising to make certain all gas fires have been serviced before the winter kicks in, to make sure you are able to stay warm. If you have an open fronted fire, this is now the time to decide on a Glass Fronted fire to make certain all heat produced by central heating, is not lost up your flue. There are many fires which can now be purchased providing 89% efficiency like the Apex Capacious gas fire, which gives 4.4kW of heat. Perfect for a Toasty winter evening in front of the box.

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