Monday 20 September 2010

Defra Approved Stoves

Defra Approved Stoves in a nutshell are stoves that have been tested and passed the criteria for being used in a smoke controlled area.
The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs undergo the testing and will approve stoves that are suitable for use in smoke controlled areas.
The Defra Approved logo is becoming more used within the stove industry with some companies even using Defra as a category for stoves. Defra Approval is given when for the burning of wood, although the approval may be given on multi-fuel or solid fuel stoves, the approval is for the burning of wood only in a smoke controlled area, so if you live in a smoke controlled area you can have the stove you have always wanted.
One of the latest stoves to be Defra approved is the Aarrow Ecoburn 5 Wood Burning Stove and can be seen on Stove Megastore in the Defra approved category. Click on the link above for more information on the Ecoburn 5.

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