Saturday 25 September 2010

Acquisitions X-Fire Widescreen Catalytic Flueless Gas Fire

Acquisitions X-Fire Widescreen Catalytic Flueless Gas Fire is a glass fronted catalytic flueless gas fire available from Acquisitions and is the answer to anyone looking for a hang on the wall gas fire in their living space, but without the luxury of a chimney or an external wall.

The X-Fire uses state of the art catalytic converter technology to convert the harmful exhaust gases into Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapour. This means that providing the room has a volume of at least 40m3 and some sort of ventilation of at least 100cm2 then this fire can be situated in almost any room of the household.

The 3.5kW of heat output and 100% efficiency mean that no energy is wasted when heating the room, meaning the temperature of the room is raised higher and quicker than with a conventional sub-50% open gas fire or even a 2kW FAN-ASSISTED electric heater, with a 3.5kW gas fire able to raise the temperature in a room a noticable 5*C in under 20 minutes, this temperature increase would be difficult to achieve with any other type of fire, with a 6kW conventionally flued fire taking up to an hour to raise the temperature by the same amount.

The Acquisitions X-Fire Widescreen is available in Limestone, Granite or a Mirrored finish, (An X-Fire with the Granite finish is currently on display and fully working at The Fireplace Megastore Showroom.
The Black Granite finish combines with the black back to really draw attention to the bright orange flames of the fire, and using Acquisitions unique RX3 Reflexion Flame that makes the flame effect and firebox appear deeper than they really are, reducing weight and allowing the freedom to hang the fire on almost any wall.
The individuality of the natural granite or limestone means no X-fire is ever the same, with the natural limestone prone to fossils and natural inclusions from the stone being formed over millions of years! The rich dark depth of the natural granite and RX3 RefleXion Flame create a very deep and contemporary fireplace while the uniqueness of the limestone and the fact that it is literally a one of a kind fire make this fire a must in any contemporary living space.

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