Thursday 2 September 2010

Firebelly Razen Wood Burning Cookstove

Firebelly have released a wood burning range cooker called the Razen Cookstove. The Razen Cookstove takes on the contemporary styling associated with Firebelly stoves, as well as innovative features and fantastic 72% efficiency.
The Firebelly Razen is environmentally friendly as it is designed to burn wood which is a replenish-able resource, and supplies a ferocious 10kW maximum heat output for room heating as well as being a comprehensive cooking unit.
The large hot plate has a large circular area that firebelly call the hot spot. This is directly above the stoves firebox and becomes hot and ready to use within seconds of lighting a fire. The hot spot as the name suggests is the hottest area of the hot plate, the farther from the hot spot, the cooler the hot plate becomes. This makes it an ideal surface to boil, fry or simmer and even warm plates through too.
The oven is vertically elongated and this allows a good distance between the shelves which come with thermometers to display what temperature they are being maintained at, and the temperature is very constant as Firebelly use a clever system whereby the heat from the fire is channeled beneath the oven, around the far side, over the top and oput through the central 150mm flue pipe, yes that's right this stove is suitable for class one flues only.
As with all Firebelly stoves great care is taken in the final appearance and styling of the products and the Razen Cookstove is no exception with it's stainless steel overall finish and intuitive and effective controls.
There a basically three manually operated controls, one controls the flow of heat, either to the hot plate, the oven, or a balanced between the two. The next control is a flue damper, this is an important control as it helps you maintain a proper pull on the flue as some flue pulls can be too strong and will help to burn logs too quickly. The Final main control is the air intake control and as it suggests it controls the in take of air to the fire itself, yet again, this control helps to regulate the effectiveness of the fuel and the ferocity of the fire.
The Firebox Razen Cookstove is well insulted, this not only creates better efficiency and enables better control of the heat, but also allows the range cooker to be seamlessly integrated with kitchen units, or to be freestanding depending on individual design criteria.
Nice finishing touches come with this unique range cooker such as the removable heat shield that can easily be removed to view the flames. The highly practical air wash system that help to clean the viewing glass and removable large ash pan to make chamber cleaning less hassle.
The firebed itself is adjustable, making large or small fires just and controllable and more efficient and the four adjustable feet mean the Firebelly Razen Wood Burning Cookstove range cooker should always sit perfectly level.
This move to expand the existing stove product rang to incorporate a range cooker may have been a gamble, but surely with such great design and environmental appeal, it's a gamble that will pay out handsomely.

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