Saturday 25 September 2010

Drugasar Global 100 Balanced Flue Gas Fire

The Drugasar Global 100BF is another stylish addition to the Drugasar range of balanced flue gas fires, designed primarily for homes without the luxury of a chimney, The Global 100 boasts a viewing window 950mm across and 350mm high to create that ultra-fashionable letterbox look.

The Global 100 is available on both natural gas and LPG with a high efficiency rating of 73%, developing a massive output of 6.5kW, more than enough to heat even the more spacious of living spaces.

The rustic and realistic log fuel effect of the Global 100 really recreates the feeling of sitting in front of a traditional wood fire, especially when the log fuel effect starts to glow in the flames, this can be highlighted when combined with the black interior or for a more traditional and slightly more cosy feel then go for the natural profile interior.

If you're looking for the fire to provide that quick burst of heat then the Dru MaxVent system can be purchased with the fire to provide that extra burst of heat. As soon as the fire has reached the desired temperature, the fan switches on automatically, basically accellerating the natural heat convection around the fire. The MaxVent system draws cold air in around the base of the fire and blows it around the outside of the firebox, warming it in the process, this warm air is then blown out of the top of the fire, providing up to 25% extra heated air that helps quickly take that cold edge off a room.

The Drugasar Global 100 is available in very contemporary and minimalist frameless version that provides a seamless finish between the wall and the fire, or can be purchased with the Alpha, a classic narrow frame that defines the edges of fire while not detracting from the appearance of the fire in the centre. Or for a more bold a statement then the Beta trim would be the way to go, this trim really gives the fire definition and grabs the attention of anyone in the room, while contrasting the glow of the flames inside.

The minimalist or classic black frames work well with almost any style of interior decor, complimenting and harmonising with more contemporary interiors or contrasting and creating a focal point when used in a slightly more traditionally furnished household.

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