Thursday 9 September 2010

Carron Cast Iron Combinations

British manufacturers Carron have released a fantastic range of solid cast iron combinations with various traditional design and finishes to complement any home. The combinations are complete with surround and fire making it a lot easier to purchase and to also install. The fires that have been supplied by Carron provide you with a number of options such as Natural gas, LPG or a solid fuel option.

The intricate styling on these combinations is what sets them apart from any other combination on the market. The designs are taken from a wide range of styles such as art nouveau, late Victorian and gothic styling.

The Carron Toulouse is one of the most detailed combinations that Carron offers because of the spectacular flower patterns through the surround and the hood of the fire. These design set the Toulouse apart from any of the other combination design. Along with the choice of fire you can also select tiles to go with this combination to complement the room, these tiles can also be switched when redecorating or just fancying a change.

One of the more unique combinations is the Carron Classic which features a large hood with art nouveau styling throughout the combination. The Classic comes as standard with a more modern full polish finish that looks great in any surrounding. With the traditional art nouveau design the Classic comes with a choice of either a natural gas, LPG or a solid fuel fire and also a choice of black granite hearth size. The gas fires that are available are all suitable for class 1 & 2 chimneys or flues and have an input of 6 kW but are mainly used for decorative purposes only.

Because of Carron’s traditional techniques and quality materials the combinations that are available are amongst the finest offered in the UK.

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