Wednesday 8 September 2010

New Firebelly Stove & Options

Firebelly Stoves have continued to expand their range and options available for their contemporary modern stoves.
The Firebelly FB3 wood burner has proven a very popular product and is now available as the Firebelly FB3 Double Sided Wood Burning Stove (pictured left in a pewter finish). This option allows the fire and flames to be viewed from two sides for added aesthetic appeal, and still maintaining the high output and great efficiency associated with Firebelly's products.
Firebelly have also unveiled new optional extras that are available on the FB3 double sided stove and all their other double sided stoves made by Firebelly.
The first new feature that is available is 2 door opening for double sided stoves. This feature enables the stove to be used from both sides, especially effective if the fire is positioned between a dividing room wall.
The second new feature that is optional for most of the Firebelly range is the stainless steel legs option. This option will replace the existing legs of a Firebelly stove and have then replaced with stainless steel ones (as pictured to the right). A great contemporary design feature that can complement the chosen finish.

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