Wednesday 15 September 2010

Apex Louisiana Multi-Fuel Stove

Apex Louisiana Multi-Fuel Stove is classically designed to compliment traditional decor and is constructed from cast iron and burns and array of fuels.
The Louisiana comes in a choice of three sizes with differing heat outputs. The Apex Louisiana 3 is the most petit of the new range and suitable for the smaller room, able to burn a range of fuels and emits a maximum heat output of 3kw with 81% efficiency when burning wood. The next stove available is the Apex Louisiana 5, this is the medium sized stove in the room, and is designed for to suit most homes. The Louisiana 5 is large in dimensions to the 3 model and emits a higher output of 5kW. The efficiency of the Louisiana 5 is 76.6% and this stove has been Defra approved, meaning it is suitable to be used in a smoke controlled area when burning wood. The largest of the range is the Apex Louisiana 7. This large stove has a maximum heat output of 7kW, surely enough output for the grandest of rooms. The efficiency is 76.3% and the 7 model is Defra approved also.
All three of the Louisiana range by Apex sport impressively large viewing windows and stylish door designs.
Easy to use Primary and Secondary airflow controls mean easy control of the flame and fire. The glass in the large viewing window is kept cleaner with the aid of the preheated air wash that helps keep soot from forming on the glass.
Apex Louisiana stoves come with top exit and rear exit flues, designed to aid installation, and the Louisiana stoves come with ash pan and complimentary safety gloves as Apex know that these stoves give generous heat, even after the flames of the fire have been extinguished.

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