Saturday 1 June 2013

How Much Does It Cost To Fit A Fireplace?

Answer: Typically between £100 and £300 depending on what’s involved and location One of the main costs that are typically overlooked when purchasing a new fire surround is installation cost. The total price of getting a new fire surround must include an allowance for installation when budgeting

What you should know:

1. Most homeowners can install Electric fireplaces without any additional assistance provided there is a plug socket located nearby. Electric Fires simply need to be plugged into a standard 13amp socket and does not need any specialist tradesmen. These Fires also do not need to be vented in any particular way and hence they are extremely flexible and easy to install in almost any room in the home 2. Gas fireplaces must be installed by a Gas Safe Registered installer by law. This law is intended to ensure safety and eliminate the fire risk associated with such products. Typically tradesmen would charge around £200 to replace your current fire surround with a new fireplace and connect a new gas fire 3. Solid Fuel Fireplaces must be installed by a HETAS registered installer, or must be approved by local council buildings authorities. Solid Fuel Fireplaces burn at much higher temperatures than conventional gas or electric fires, for this reason specialist fire surrounds are needed

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