Saturday 29 June 2013

Broseley Lincoln Gas Stove

There are a few things you really need to see first hand and to touch in order to appreciate their true nature. A Broseley stove is one of them. This way you can have the pleasure of examining and comparing these pieces of technology, understand how they work and picture how agreeable they might fit in with your lifestyle.

A cast iron gas stove, such as the Broseley Lincoln, with real flames arising from hand crafted ceramic fibre logs or coals, the flame picture is incredibly similar to the real thing. The heat is comparable in quality, radiating through the cast iron body of the stove. 
The Broseley Lincoln is distinctive for its double doors with Victorian detailing to frame the flames inside. But what sets this stove apart from any other gas stove on the market is that the doors on the Broseley Lincoln can be run with the doors open, while not effecting the efficiency of the fire.

For a slimline stove its 4.6kW output is more than adequate to heat a typical room and with the balanced flue version, the Lincoln could be installed in practically any room of the house. Thermostatic operation optimises fuel consumption while the remote control gives you the freedom to change the view from balzing to smouldering and back from practically anywhere in the room.

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