Tuesday 25 June 2013

Gallery Baskets Featured on Film and TV

Large Nexus Basket

Judi DenchLarge Nexus BasketIn 2006 we saw the Debut of Daniel Craig in ‘Casino Royale’ as the new James Bond in what was actually the 21st film in the Bond series, and I’m proud to say that the Gallery Large Nexus Basket (as right) made a fantastic impression as it set a light in a tense character building scene between M and the new blond 007, the scene was is actually the first time that M’s home appears in any of the Bond films after 007 breaks in to use her computer.

Small Cottage Basket

Peggy MitchellSmall Cottage BasketAnd speaking of famous Gallery Firebaskets keep a look out in the queen Vic on Albert square for the Small Cottage basket (as above), some time ago during one of their comical escapades Gary and Minty fitted this fire for Peggy, please take this as a lesson of how not to fit a fire, always speak to your retailer and make sure a competent Hetas or Corgi fitter completes your installation!

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