Sunday 9 June 2013

Choosing between contemporary and traditional fireplaces

Generally, the outside of your house dictates the type of decor inside the house. This in turn reflects the type of fire and fireplaces suitable for that particular room.
However, today’s trends are contradicting these rules where you can have a contemporary setting within a traditional building. The combination of decor, furniture and fireplace will contribute to the overall character of the room.
With fireplaces, materials such as white marble and limestone together with straight lines and square edges portray a minimalistic look. Chrome and brushed steel fires would compliment these types of fireplaces and would create a modern contemporary designer look.

On the other hand, traditional fireplaces use curved lines in their designs. Typically, they consist of cream marbles, light and dark oak and mahogany surrounds, black granite back panels and hearths, black cast iron backs and brass fires.

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