Thursday 27 June 2013

High Efficiency Gas Fires from Verine

Verine has always had a reputation as a manufacturer of some of the most efficient fires on the market. Now they are setting new industry standards with the Verine HE high efficiency range: exceptional heat output combined with lower running costs compared to standard gas fires.

Verine's R&D team has invested in developing the technology to meet the key objective of producing gas fires that save energy and as a result, help keep costs down.

So how does a Verine fire work? HE inset gas fires provide a hight efficiency as they produce both radiant and convect heat. Radiant heat is generated by the fuel bed and reflected into the room by the glass front of the fire. At the same time convected heat is produced from cool air which is drawn through a heat exchanger and emitted through a canopy at the top of the fire as warm room air.

The Verine Orbis HE and Midas HE are the two most efficient gas fires from Verine, both offering a staggering 89% efficiency, while the full depth Orbis HE has a 4kW heat output and is suitable for Class 1 or 2 Chimneys and Flue, the Midas HE is also suitable for a precast flue and will give up to 3.2kW of heat output. Both these fires are available in a wide choice of trim and fret finishes so the same fire will look stunning in both a traditional and contemporary setting. Both the Verine Orbis HE and Midas HE are also available with a choice of hidden manual control or convenient slide control and boast the 5 year guarantee that makes Verine fires so special.

Also available from Verine is the Meridian gas fire which boasts an efficiency rating of up to 84% with a highly realistic log fuel effect. The Verine Meridian is available both for standard Class 1 or 2 Chimneys and Flue as well as in Balanced Flue, for houses without a chimney. Boasting remote control as standard, the Meridian can be controlled without having to get up from your armchair.

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