Tuesday 8 May 2012

X-FIRES™ Collection

High style, A new generation of wall fires incorporates sleek contemporary design and some of the greenest technology on the planet. From flueless to frameless, electric to gas, this exclusive and easy-to-install Acquisitions collection has the ideal solution for every home.
If you’re looking for something extra, you’re looking for an X-FIRE. Available as Electric, Balanced Flue and a Flueless gas fire range. 

You won't find a more efficient gas fire than flueless. Acquisitions leads the field in eco-friendly fireplace technology and these unique flueless designs – perfect for rooms with no chimney – are 100% efficient. For every kilowatt of gas you put in, you get a kilowatt of heat back, so running costs are less than half those of a normal 7kW gas fire. What’s more, they’re odour-free and low on CO2 emissions. There couldn’t be a more beautiful way to reduce your fuel bills and carbon footprint.
A key feature of the Flueless range is our unique RX3 RefleXion technology, which produces a beautiful flame-into-infinity effect from a single ribbon burner.
If you want efficiency but think the flueless range is not for you, try the Acquisitions X-FIRE 1200 Balanced Flue: the same lightweight, modern stone frames, similar flexibility of installation and low CO2 emissions – plus an attractive driftwood fuel bed, more generous flames and remote control. When you go out you can set the timer to warm the place up for your return.
This model can be fully inset into any existing chimney breast; if your home has no chimney, all that’s required is an outside wall or roof within 10m of the fireplace and a natural or LPG gas supply.

Relax in the company of unparalleled modern chic with an Acquisitions electric fire. Because no chimney or flue is required, these stylish electric X-FIRES with our patented lightweight frames can either be wall-hung or inset into a suitable wall. Available in four distinctive finishes including mirror and granite, with a choice of natural fuel beds, these streamlined, no-fuss models are operated by remote control. Simply plug in, sit back and enjoy the view.

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